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What is Creepypasta?

- Creepypasta is the internet definition for short stories designed to unnerve, disturb, elicit a negative emotional response from, and scare the reader. (copied from ED)
Which basically means, it's a scary story.

- What is this group for?

- This group is for fans of game related creepypastas.
THAT MEANS, only fan art of creepypastas based on videogames
Non Jeff/Jane/Eyeless Jack

- What's allowed?

- Fanart illustrating creepypastas.
- Creepypasta flashes
- Creepypasta stamps
- Creepypasta cosplay
- Gore
-Creepypastas based on videogames

- What ISN'T allowed?

- Pornography (Naked people)
- Images or stories unrelated to Creepypastas.
- Motivational posters of any kind.
- Screenshots
- Non-creepypasta fanfictions.
- Stolen artwork/stories.

This is why a lot of Jeff cosplays have been declined, please, remember that this group is for VIDEOGAME CREEPYPASTAS
have a good day
As I'm doing writing again (Not full speed but hey) I've been having a look at the stuff I've done so far. I've given a lot of thought on something I should do. Here's the idea;
- Take the first two chapters I've done of Paralell Depths
- Split them into parts of 3
- Overall, it will still be one big chapter, but will be divided into sub-chapters & clearly marked as exactly that
Personally, I don't have regrets about what I've written or how I've written it. I wanted that kind of length. But whether somebody else is okay with it is of course a completely different story. The first point is that it obviously makes it easier to get through for both myself & everyone else, as well as want you reading more. Possibly. It will also mean that I should be able to release more frequent content in this way.
The original first two chapters will still be on here (All the faves & comments). I'll still be writing in that format but again, will be dividing them into 3 parts & submitting those. I am also considering uploading the first two chapters in this format. I won't be posting to any groups since there's not a lot of point, but if anyone would mind taking a look & letting me know what you think, that'd be awesome.
It might seem strange I know, but I have my reasons for wanting to do this.
Hello my creepy kiddies~

We all love a good scare, that's why we're here, but recently there's been a chain-letter style journal getting copied and pasted all over dA claiming that there's a hacker about called Life Owner, they're saying that if someone on your watch list adds them then you'll become a target.

This is a hoax. It's one that's been going on since 2008 and holds absolutely no truth.

I've trained in the IT field, specifically in network security, and can tell all of you without a single doubt in my mind, the things described in the message ARE NOT possible.

All it takes is a quick google search to show just how invalid these claims are.

It's not scary. It's not possible. It's the stuff a bad creepypasta is made of and only good for a laugh.
-If it's not appropriate to put this journal entry here, then please let me know asap & I'll remove it if no one else has first.-

Upon going through the list of people who've favourited chapters of what I've written so far. I then went to all the people who favourited more than once & hopefully showed my appreciation for their support.
Now, before I carry on with anything else, I also want to extend my full gratitude to everyone who both favourited & commented or even viewed my stuff, whether it be once or more than. I'm not trying to meet any goals here, but it all helps & I'm very aware of that. I'm sorry I don't say 'Thanks for the fave' everytime someone does so, but that feels all too much like formal & robotic behaviour in my eyes. I don't mean to offend anyone that does do that. It's just the way I see it. Nothing more.

I wish to put what I'm about to say into a journal so that all get a chance to see it. Not that I'm any kind of hipster profit who gives the "Privelage" of ranting on. I haven't been here for very long at all & have only just started with my newest work.

So far, a fair ammount of people  seem to have enjoyed what I have to offer. I found that to be rather unexpected, as well as people actually wishing to watch what I'm doing. Surprising but nice :)
But, the reason I find this surprising may sound like a big contradiction... I don't consider myself to be the next H.G Wells or Stephen King here. I'm merely SheyGrell. Someone that got an idea & wants to create something out of it. I'm not here to please anyone & I'm not here to provide any kind of fan service regarding the characters I've chosen... Well, maybe a little in my own strange way :P
What I'm pretensiously going for I suppose, is my own universe set within something that's at least been given a basis. Case & point: [link]
I heard that a good sequel takes things in new directions & explores other possibilities that would seem unlikely, whereas a bad sequel merely rehashes the actions of the original. Guess that lands me in the spotlight since all my stories are about someone who made the mistake of playing this game that's been played before... Hurr.
However, I will say this; There's some characters you will most definately know (One of them have already made their debut) & some fresh faces too. You may be surprised, pleased or disappointed. It can go either way. I won't be changing anything based on whether more people will start liking it though. So to anyone who read & enjoyed my stuff, anyone who favourited & commented so much as once & those who have me on their watch list. Thank you :)

I've got a sense of direction now concerning where I want to go with Paralell Depths & with every bit of feedback makes the whole thing feel somewhat validated. Despite submitting it all to about 30 different groups, I'm not trying to do the best thing you've ever seen. Why set the world on fire when you can create your own.
It's been a difficult time (I won't go into why) & I've had doubts about whether I want to do this sort of thing. Then, as I said a couple of times before now (After I put this link up I'll stop going on about it before I come across as some kind of stalker :P) I came across this picture: [link]
Sekaryu may not know just how grateful I am for this one image, but I do have a lot to thank them for. 8 simple words that kept my head up, to be blunt about it. It definately helped, that's for sure.

Seeing as I've gone on for frickin' ages now & if anyone's still reading, I just want to say thank you again. I really can't stress that enough.
Due to some personal issues within my real life my time has become extremely limited and seeing that Unicorn--Hooker has deactivated their account and the number of submissions that have timed out I'm opening up applications for two new co-founders.  If you're interested please leave a comment or send me a note :)

EDIT: New Co-Founders have been invited, applications now closed :)

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